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  • Compliance is the process of paying taxes to federal and state taxing authorities, and filing the required tax forms.
  • After each payroll is approved, your liabilities for withholding and unemployment taxes are automatically calculated. Your pay dates and tax payment frequency is used to schedule the due dates for payments.
  • Automated tax payments and filings (e-filed whenever available by state.

Our payroll tax services include:

  • Verify accurate tax withholding based on employee exemptions
  • Compute net pay for each employee
  • Report clearly withheld taxes on employee pay stubs
  • Ensure that your enterprise pays the correct employment tax
  • Calculate payroll tax deposit for each payroll
  • Transfer the tax deposit electronically from your business account to the appropriate tax authority
  • Provide you with the exact deposit amount(s) and date(s)
  • Accumulate accrued payroll tax liabilities by reporting period
  • Prepare your payroll tax returns and file them in a timely manner on your behalf
  • Serve as your authorized representative in communicating with the tax authorities when necessary
  • Provide to you all copies of returns and communications with the tax authorities
  • Keep you informed on payroll tax law changes that may affect your enterprise